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Brookhaven AL, RCFE: Continuing Care Retirement Community

At Brookhaven AL, RCFE, you have the option of living in an apartment or congregate housing with room shares. Our meal preparation, transportation service, and planned activities keep you healthy and active. Brookhaven's congregate housing community offers a recreation room where you can join friends for movie nights, book clubs, dances, and more. And our fitness center boasts senior-friendly equipment and classes, including yoga for seniors. What's more, you have the option to have meals in our dining room, with table service, or meal preparation in your apartment, cleanup included.

Plus, our continuing care retirement community is located in gorgeous Camarillo, California, close to parks, shopping, and everything you need to live an active life. Additionally, we provide physical therapy for our residents to keep you limber and increase mobility.

Are you searching for congregate housing? Do you picture an antiseptic environment like a hospital? If so, you're in for a pleasant surprise because our continuing care retirement community in Camarillo, California, is all about getting the most out of life. Congregate housing living isn't bland. It's more like living in an apartment community with a roommate and a host of options, including physical therapy and meal preparation.

The level of independence a senior needs and their medical requirements are considerations when you're researching the best in congregate housing. Ultimately, a continuing care retirement community should offer the same amenities as any independent living situation. However, you also get care assistance with daily living activities such as bathing, eating, grooming, dressing, toileting, administering medication, physical therapy, and other self-care and maintenance tasks. 

In addition to taking care of social and daily needs, congregate housing is a safe place for seniors who need short-term housing after surgery or an accident. Brookhaven also offers hospice care for the terminally ill. While you can receive hospice care with in-home visits, you can rest assured that you'll have 24/7 emergency care in a continuing care retirement community such as Brookhaven AL, RCFE. Ultimately, the goal of hospice care is to offer comfort and care that increases the quality of your life.

Brookhaven's continuing care retirement community is an excellent way to spend your days in a carefree lifestyle. Congregate housing offers services such as meal preparation and physical therapy and opportunities to stay active and make new friends. At Brookhaven, our continuing care retirement community provides assisted living, skilled nursing, Alzheimer's, and dementia care, among other things. Are you ready to move to a continuing care retirement community and make life easier? Give us a call.

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